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1. vacation (چھٹی) :: The time block of the traditional extended summer vacation is redistributed in the form of shorter breaks throughout the year
2. valid (درست) :: All US citizens entering Canada from a third country must have a valid passport
3. valley (وادی) :: Check flashings at valleys chimneys dormers vent pipes and other roofing protrusions
4. valuable (قیمتی) :: Many Romans viewed the springs as sacred and threw valuable items into the springs to please the gods
5. value (قدر) :: However we were choosing from the set menu which offered seemingly good value at three courses for 1750
6. van (وین) :: This explains why Edwardian ladies had so much luggage deposited in the baggage van by a team of railway porters
7. variation (تغیرات) :: Darwin found the perfect vehicle for his purpose in the supposed evolution of species by chance variation and natural selection
8. varied (مختلف) :: South Africa has a very varied landscape and its pretty spectacular
9. variety (قسم) :: a great variety of careers
10. various (مختلف) :: Early fears of waterlogging and flooding in various of the venues marquees proved unfounded
11. vary (مختلف ہوتی ہیں) :: There is often tinnitus at the same time which can vary in severity
12. vast (وسیع) :: In this day and age there is no real need to take vast quantities of cash or even travellers cheques with you
13. vegetable (سبزیوں) :: Calissa sat upright in her bed slowly spooning warm vegetable soup into her mouth
14. vehicle (گاڑی) :: Coward wrote the comedy as a star vehicle with no less a man than himself in mind for the central role of Garry Essendine
15. venture (وینچر) :: Now in his first solo venture he faces a daunting task
16. version (ورژن) :: The Chinese version of the book will be published in September 2005
17. vertical (عمودی) :: There are two types of vertical marketplaces which bring buyers and sellers together to facilitate transactions
18. very (بہت) :: at the very least
19. via (ذریعے) :: If anyone has any further information on this incident send it via email as comments are closed on this post
20. victim (مظلوم) :: If not and if some want to draw lots to choose a sacrificial victim may they force everyone to join in

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