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2. Abate (ختم) :: Widening numbness has abated the pain to his pelvis
3. Aberration (وپتن) :: The number of cells with chromosomal aberrations among 100 wellspread metaphases was recorded
4. Abeyance (آستگت) :: As to whether Nancy Cornelius was Americas first Native American trained nurse a definitive answer remains in abeyance
5. Abhor (نفرت) :: Inside every one of us lies a Puritan streak which abhors anything smacking of frivolity or done for the sheer joy of it
8. Abrasion (گھرشن) :: The media are long wearing and highly resistant to abrasion
9. Abrasive (کھرچنے) :: They grew close enough together so that reaching from one to the next was never a problem and the bark was just rough enough to offer a good grip without being abrasive
10. Abrogate (منسوخ) :: His bankruptcy or windingup usually abrogates the agreement and may restore to the bank its right to combine the accounts without notice
11. Abscission (abscission کے) :: abscission layer
12. Absolution (گناہ) :: Sam was asking for forgiveness and wanted absolution from Ian
13. Abstain (پرہیز) :: Campbell was required to abstain from drinking alcohol and have no contact with three individuals
14. Abstemious (سنت) :: However it was the abstemious Chartist family the Cranstons who really put the coffee houses adversaries the Glasgow tea rooms on the map in the 1890s
15. Abstruse (دقیق) :: Now this is not an abstruse philosophical distinction that we are seeking to make
17. Abysmal (انتہائی پست) :: For all the insensitivity of this mistake it represents the abysmal lack of knowledge about the Baltics in the minds of many a Westerner
18. Accolade (accolade کے) :: He became one of the biggest names in boxing winning numerous accolades for himself and his country
19. Accretion (اضافہ) :: His auspicious debut might have given him the leverage to realize some of his grander plans but the Simon Fraser film grad says his films have grown by steady accretion of ideas and details rather than an overarching scheme
20. Acolyte (acolyte کے) :: Jencks and the acolytes of the new worship of nature are wrong

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