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1. Paean (سے Paean) :: Beethovens only opera both a love story and a paean to freedom is full of dramatic and musical inconsistencies yet it works brilliantly
2. Palatable (کراہت کو ختم) :: Wall Street analysts find the companys proposal more palatable than the states
3. Palisade (میں Palisade) :: Most books mark the routes end where Santa Monica Boulevard intersects Ocean Avenue on the palisades above Santa Monica State Beach
4. Palliative (پرشامک) :: The patients receiving radical treatment had a greater need for information about side effects than did those being treated palliatively
5. Pallid (زرد) :: Character designs are rather pallid and dull completely uninteresting in style or drawn without any particular flare
6. Palpable (واضح) :: Two postal workers here had just died apparently from inhaling anthrax spores and my US friends told me that the fear was palpable throughout the city
8. Panacea (علاج) :: Some researchers contend that sympathetic nerve blocks are not the panacea they are made out to be
9. Panegyric (پرشستی) :: Demonstrative or panegyrical oratory is associated with the past and urges an audience to honor and imitate a virtuous subject
10. Papyrus (پیپرس) :: Documents written on papyri were found in some pyramid temples especially at Abusir
11. Paradigm (نمونہ) :: It was also contrary to the neoclassical paradigm with its methodology of equilibrium
12. Paradox (مارکس کا اختلاف) :: Therefore in order to counter concerns raised by the discovery of the logical and settheoretic paradoxes a new approach was needed to justify modern mathematical methods
13. Paragon (پیراگون) :: These films may not be shining paragons of filmmaking excellence but they are exciting and contain great action scenes and thats exactly what they aspire to be
14. Paramount (پیراماؤنٹ) :: He said of paramount importance was the need for development of sport infrastructure in member states
15. Paranoia (سنویبرم) :: Setting aside suspicion and paranoia surely highways officials must have a plan for the future of this area
16. Parasite (پرجیوی) :: They are all a pack of bludgers and parasites who pay no taxes but spend ours
17. Parched (پیاسا) :: This is a parched rocky wasteland in the heat of the day by night it is a moonscape in which Maxs establishment twinkles surreally
18. Parenthesis (قوسین) :: I wonder what it says about messages with those smiley faces made from colons and parentheses
19. Pariah (اچھوت) :: Now six decades later smokers have become the social pariahs excluded if not frowned upon by contemporary behavioral codes and even municipal law
20. Parity (سمتا) :: Currency boards offer good shelter from inflation as long as the exchange parity with their dollar or Deutsche markeuro backing can be maintained

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