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Shipyard - (شپ یارڈ) :: The 250 exhibitors from top shipyards and international luxury yacht manufacturers made the show the largest of its kind in Asia

Stowage - (stowage) :: He watched as an attendant standing 10 feet away pushed a key fob button lifting the rear decklid and retracting the threepanel metal roof smoothly silently into the ample stowage compartment

Windshield - (ونڈشیلڈ) :: The allweather cab of the 560C Skidder has highvisibility Lexan windshields and windows for greater operator comfort

Gravel - (بجری) :: Large stones have been carefully arranged to sit like islands in the immaculately raked gravel


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Warning - (انتباہ) :: Before the visit guests and hosts should try to discuss their expectations so everyone has fair warning says Nancy

Wash - (واش) :: He helps with the evening meal takes the little one swimming and talks the big one through his homework bungs in a wash and then rolls up his sleeves for bathtime

Washing - (واشنگ) :: avoid overenthusiastic washing

Waste - (فضلہ) :: But parents see this as a waste of taxpayers money

Watch - (دیکھتے ہیں) :: Fans of the cards are being warned to watch out after two York youngsters bought cards on a trip to the seaside which turned out to be fakes


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Perpetuity - (دائمی) :: It is proposed that in future there should be a statutory rule on perpetuities that applies only to specified interests which are essentially only those arising under wills and trusts

Personable - (personable ہے) :: He spoke clearly and personably and I felt immediately that I would have voted for him

Personification - (personification کی) :: In Matthew Jesus is the fulfillment and personification of Torah the fully faithful Child whom God had desired in Israel


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Moose (موس) :: Elusive moose and black bears also live here as do less frequently seen grizzly bears

Elastic (لچکدار) :: Use a large needle to thread thin elastic through the mask knotting elastic at each end to create a band

Diabetic (ذیابیطس) :: Overall almost half of all Latinos with diabetes had diabetic retinopathy

Itself (خود) :: the company may wish to provide such a service itself

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