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Webcast - (ویب کاسٹ) :: The Santiago Agreement aimed at assuring the fair distribution of licence fees to authors composers and music publishers covers webcasting streaming online music on demand as well as music videos transmitted online

Cursor - (کرسر) :: A series of messages pops up as users cursors roll over images of the Sock Puppet

Function - (تقریب) :: to attend a social function

Website - (ویب سائٹ) :: They can also check websites for updates and search for relevant news stories

Internet - (انٹرنیٹ) ::


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Sour - (کھٹے) :: Its like sniffing sour milk to see if its gone off you just have to keep going back to make sure

Source - (ذریعہ) :: Ive also been trying to source Ammonium Ferric Sulphate and Copper Sulphate for electro etching

South - (جنوبی) :: The group headed towards the south wing where all their rooms were located

Southern - (جنوبی) :: Rescue crews were heading toward Margate on the southern English coast where they hoped to let the whale back out to sea

Space - (خلائی) :: Now the only available space for me to set up my staging area was off in the corner of the main room


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Novel - (ناول) :: its a novel idea

Novice - (نوسکھئیے) :: Similarly a young novice entered St Martins cell and was puzzled not to find him there

Noxious - (نقصان دہ) :: Luckily I smelled the noxious fumes ran upstairs and managed to extinguish it

Nuance - (nuance کے) :: Robin Rose is known for subtly nuanced richly textured paintings that examine the expressive possibilities of monochromatic abstraction

Nugatory - (تچرچھ) :: The other was the monitoring of large and extended periods of sewage pollution because at a point that level of sewage pollution rendered nugatory all the efforts of purification from the depuration system


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Commotion (ہنگامہ) :: figure out what all the commotion is about

Suture (سیون) :: The incision is sewn together with very small suture and usually heals quickly

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