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Rocket - (راکٹ) :: The company saw its milk sales rocket from 600000 cartons to 42 million bottles weekly

Sunbathe - (غسل آفتابی) :: Expert climbers they spend much of the daylight hours sleeping and sunbathing in trees

Tundra - (Tundra کی) :: Alaskas glaciers coexist with flowering tundras that bloom in the arctic summer

Farmhouse - (فارم ہاؤس) :: With only 5000 for repairs they struggled to meet the builders quotation of 30000 to transform two farmhouses into holiday cottages

Flood - (سیلاب) :: I throw the car into drive and flood the engine with my right foot


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Energy - (توانائی) :: A man may want to do much but he has only so much time only so much mental and physical energy

Engage - (مشغول) :: they attempted to engage Anthony in conversation

Engaged - (منگنی) :: His parents look at each other and back at the engaged couple on the bed

Engine - (انجن) :: The engine roared and the instrument panel in front flickered into action

Engineer - (انجینئر) :: If so I can assure you as a practical aeronautical engineer that such a trip is neither fantastic nor impractical


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Brook - (بروک) :: Their purpose is to disorient the public and put the media establishment and the Democrats on notice that no opposition to Bushs policies will be brooked

Bulwark - (فصیل) :: And during these 60 years our Army maintained its visible bulwark of thousands of troops deployed against the worldwide threat of the Communist powers in Europe and Asia

Bureaucracy - (بیوروکریسی) :: This ruling is a victory for a distant bureaucracy over democratically elected authorities acting in the public good


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Gosling (Gosling کے) :: Spatial variation in growth of Barnacle Goose goslings and Lesser Snow Goose goslings also has been related to variation in food abundance

Malodorous (malodorous) :: Lady Warnock is handed a baby to feed a damp and malodorous object the like of which she never wished to see again

Federation (فیڈریشن) :: Macedonia once part of the Yugoslav federation is now independent

Vandal (بربر) :: The couple believe vandals deliberately dropped the heavy panel on to their car from a bridge

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Noun :: جھوبجھلاہٹ, ستا, چھیڑچھاڑ, پریشان, اشتعال انگیزی, چڑھ, دل, دل کا درد, عدم اطمینان, بدامنی, ناراضگی, شکایت
Meaning :: چڑھ
Verb :: تنگ, پریشان, چھیڑچھاڑ, ناراض, چڑھ, درد
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