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Saddlery - (زین) :: Since you live in Calgary I suggest you go to a saddlery amp see what they say

Grip - (گرفت) :: Beyond that the thugs are organized in a manner designed to maintain a tight grip on power

Pedal - (پیڈل) :: She also is unafraid to be generous with the pedal yet clarity isnt sacrificed

Putt - (گالف) :: When I putted for par I heard the echo of the ball bouncing off the sides of the cup


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Immediate - (فوری طور پر) :: The Rural Forum aims to find longterm ways of rebuilding a strong sustainable and more diverse rural economy once the immediate farming crisis has been dealt with

Immediately - (فوری طور پر) :: Juno Beach was six miles wide and the Germans had fortified the area immediately behind the beach

Immoral - (غیر اخلاقی) :: Theyre not only seen as polluters but as Bad People as selfish and immoral individuals

Impact - (کے اثرات) :: Weather conditions might also impact negatively on voter turnout

Impatient - (بے چین) :: Like the rest of us he is sometimes short and impatient with those around him and he does not suffer fools gladly


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Rebuttal - (تردید) :: They consider all reasonable explanations rebuttals and refutations as provocations to China

Recant - (منکر) :: He may have recanted on the hardline economics but people here still regard him as one of the leaders of the English party

Recapitulate - (دوہرائوں) :: Let us begin by briefly recapitulating the novels plot

Receptacle - (ٹوکری) :: The receptacle remains on the thallus surface until the receptacle s sporophytes approach maturity


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Conflagration (conflagration) :: These companies encouraged positive precautions to prevent fires by the design and construction of buildings and to deal rapidly with conflagrations

Legion (لیجن) :: Deservedly the DS has garnered a legion of admirers from every generation of drivers born since

Terrier (ٹیریر) :: HamsTech who played like terriers scored through penalties kicked by fly half Warren Gower and scrum half Andre Bosman

Marigold (میریگولڈ) :: It is also know as pot marigold but should not to be confused with the common garden marigolds of the Tagetes species

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