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Menu - (مینو) :: There was a good choice of starters both from the standard menu and the specials list

Videophone - (ویڈیو فون) :: She was so glad that they used normal phones and not videophones or conferencing

Configure - (ترتیب دے) :: It will pay us I think to stop configuring education as a battle of the geniuses against the uncivilized


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Unlikely - (امکان نہیں) :: There are historical reasons why I am like this and I am most unlikely to change

Unload - (خالی) :: But if you never really liked them all that well to begin with this might be a good time to unload them

Unlucky - (اشوب) :: I realise this in itself is not evidence of my unluckiness more sheer clumsiness

Unnecessary - (غیر ضروری) :: After all we do not want to waste unnecessary monies just on restricting his movements

Unpleasant - (ناخوشگوار) :: Lynndie England however unpleasant is not the the villain of this debacle


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Salubrious - (صحت مند) :: Soaring property prices has led to many original inhabitants along with artists and musicians being pushed out to areas less salubrious

Salutary - (ہتکر) :: There are occasions when the petitioners mother interjects into the discussions between the parties which has no salutary effect

Sanctimonious - (پاھنڈی) :: Many of us have tired of his sanctimonious smug condescension

Sanction - (منظوری) :: Governing bodies are allowed to sanction owners and teams

Sanguinary - (خونی) :: Specifically it might inspire them to revisit the politically arduous and philosophically complex struggle whereby modern liberalism overcame the sanguinary terror of religious conflict in postReformation Europe


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Plaintiff (مدعی) :: The plaintiffs engaged the defendants as their solicitors to act for them

Fathom (فیدم) :: Harrison looked so strong that they couldnt fathom him breaking down

Formulate (تیار) :: Their master plan is clearly formulated and being implemented every day

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