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Google - (گوگل) :: You know if youre just googling your favorite celebrity blogs tend to rank very high on that search engine

Option - (آپشن) :: she was given the option of resigning or being dismissed

Spam - (فضول کے) :: These messages are like spam email messages but impossible to trace

Telephone - (ٹیلیفون) :: Most people do not know it but the voice coming over the telephone conveys a mental picture to the listener

Teleprinter - (دورمدرک) :: Other developments included automatic teleprinters which could transmit messages at a rate of 100 words a minute and facsimile facilities which could transmit war photographers prints halfway round the world in seven minutes


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Position - (پوزیشن) :: For his part Okalik said his position on the human rights law remains unchanged

Positive - (مثبت) :: My bets are on number three to win and Im almost positive that she will

Possess - (قبضہ کرو) :: Although different students possess varying degrees of expertise as writers most will have something to contribute to such discussions

Possession - (ملکیت) :: The possession of vast territory raw physical resources and brute power guarantees neither prosperity nor peace

Possibility - (امکان) :: Because of his actions he knows there can be no possibility of reconciliation


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Amity - (ہم آہنگی) :: But they could well be messengers of peace and amity

Amorphous - (امورفووس) :: Although its genre was fairly amorphous my novel seemed to be shaping up as a fictional work with a large factual component

Analgesic - (ینالجیسک) :: You can take analgesics such as paracetamol or antiinflammatories to reduce any swelling


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Reciprocate (جواب) :: In a few cases information alone may be effective in other cases playing on our evolutionary history as social reciprocators may help

Grazier (چرواہا) :: Some graziers are planting paddocks with kale or turnips for winter forage in the North

President (صدر) :: The chief executive officer of a university is the president who is usually appointed by the government

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Verb :: بڑھانے کے, کو بہتر بنانے کے, بلند, فروغ دینے کے, عظیم المرتبت, ترمیم, مرمت, بہتر, رفو, ٹنکر, صحیح, دوبارہ حاصل, دور
Meaning :: ترمیم
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