English to Urdu Meaning :: accretion

Accretion :
- اضافہاضافے

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Noun(1) an increase by natural growth or addition(2) something contributing to growth or increase(3) (astronomy(4) (biology(5) (geology(6) (law, as when a co-beneficiary dies or fails to meet some condition or rejects the inheritance

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(1) That's not what geologists expect from the gradual accretion of crust at plate boundaries, but it could be the handiwork of episodic volcanic outbursts, fed by broad plumes of rock that rose periodically from deep in the mantle.(2) This scenario proposes that a jovian gas giant forms when, by gradual accretion of rock or ice, a solid planetary core has reached a critical mass of perhaps 10 M.(3) We are told that the earth formed by accretion of cosmic dust billions of years ago.(4) The objects are most likely very primitive: detritus from the early accretion phases of the solar system.(5) The interior appears to have grown organically over time by a process of accretion similar to the formation of mould.(6) The list of international crimes, that is of the acts for whose accomplishment international law makes the authors criminally responsible, has come into being by gradual accretion .(7) That bone grows through accretion , and is not extensively remodeled as the animal matures.(8) In yet another scenario, the so-called binary planet, or co-accretion, hypothesis, the Earth and the Moon all formed at the same time by the accretion of small bodies.(9) Gentle but steady water movement produced by slow flow through lakes and meandering backwater stream channels provides aeration and slow accretion of alluvial sediments.(10) The leaves and stems of plants in brilliant primaries, created by the gradual accretion of six single-colour woodblocks, reach out across the space of the fabric.(11) Dr. Livio has done much fundamental work on the topic of accretion of mass onto black holes, neutron stars, and white dwarfs, as well as on the formation of black holes and the possibility to extract energy from them.(12) That's consistent with the theory that the moon formed not from the accretion of smaller bodies but by the collision of a planet with the newly formed Earth.(13) And since that time, we've seen the gradual accretion of confidence in intervention in the cause of human rights, plus a fairly impressive armory of techniques and accomplices.(14) Of course, anybody familiar with the way that planets are formed by the gradual accretion of matter in orbit around a star will be aware that this couldn't happen.(15) The most negatively affected birds are those characterized by the otherwise desirable traits of rapid growth and muscle accretion .(16) the accretion of sediments in coastal mangroves
Related Words
(1) ice accretion ::
برف اضافہ
1. accumulation ::
جمع کے
2. addition ::
1. decline ::
2. decrease ::
3. diminution ::
4. fall ::
5. loss ::
6. reduction ::
Different Forms
accretion, accretions
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