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Abscond :
- انخلاءمفرورمفرورمفرورabsconds

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Verb(1) run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along

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(1) Also, Africanized bees abscond , leaving no queen, workers, or resources.(2) The network of centres house those applicants who are reaching the end of their legal battles to stay in the UK, yet are identified as the most likely to abscond in order to avoid being deported.(3) What will happen if these fellows escape or abscond tomorrow?(4) I will not abscond in order to avoid extradition to Mexico.(5) Though men brewed the arrack, police arrest women as the men abscond the moment police arrive on the scene.(6) One understands the concern that the public authorities have about the public reaction if a prisoner in those circumstances were to become violent or if a violent prisoner were to abscond .(7) These may be needed in order to, for example, examine the person applying for admission, or to make sure that they do not abscond when a decision to deport has been taken.(8) He said that a person with outstanding warrants is more likely to abscond from bail, wasting more police and court time.(9) In Britain around 2/3 of failed asylum seekers abscond and disappear into the ÔÇÿblackÔÇÖ economy.(10) While AHBs do make honey and pollinate plants, two traits make them undesirable for beekeepers: Colonies regularly abscond from hives, and they are often too defensive to be easily tended.(11) She is enjoying significant unescorted ground leave and has not endeavoured to abscond .(12) I cannot abandon my family nor abscond from my newspaper just like that,ÔÇÖ he said.(13) All the children were aged between 11 and 16 years and highly unlikely to abscond or resist arrest.(14) He was given two months' jail for the first breach of the ASBO, two months for the second breach, and two weeks for absconding from bail, all to run consecutively.(15) He refused to accept medication and absconded , being re-admitted in November of that year, again with self neglect, hallucinations and threatening behaviour.(16) We see no necessity for a defendant who is bailed to be expressly warned that, if he absconds , he may be tried in his absence, for that has been the English common law for over a century.
Related Words
1. run away ::
2. escape ::
3. bolt ::
5. make off ::
بند کر
6. take flight ::
پرواز لے
8. decamp ::
9. make a break for it ::
اس کے لئے ایک وقفے بنانے
10. take to one's heels ::
کسی کے ہیلس پر لے
11. make a quick getaway ::
ایک فوری getaway بنانے
12. beat a hasty retreat ::
ایک جلدبازی اعتکاف سے شکست دی
13. run for it ::
اس کے لئے کو چلانے کے
14. make a run for it ::
اس کے لئے ایک رن بنانے کے
15. disappear ::
16. vanish ::
17. slip away ::
18. split ::
19. steal away ::
20. sneak away ::
دور چپکے
21. clear out ::
22. duck out ::
بتھ باہر
23. cut and run ::
کاٹا اور چلانے
24. skedaddle ::
25. skip ::
26. skip town ::
شہر کو چھوڑ دیں
27. head for the hills ::
پہاڑوں کے لئے سر
28. do a disappearing act ::
ایک غائب ایکٹ
29. fly the coop ::
بین الاقوامی ادارے پرواز
31. vamoose ::
32. take a powder ::
ایک پاؤڈر لے
Different Forms
abscond, absconded, absconder, absconders, absconding, absconds
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