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Barbarity :
- بربریتbarbarities

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Noun(1) the quality of being shockingly cruel and inhumane(2) a brutal barbarous savage act

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(1) Eleventh-century England is seen as intellectually isolated, rescued from barbarity only by Norman longships.(2) the barbarity of the slave trade(3) The article expresses a horror at the ' barbarity ' of the 'unmeaning mummeries, dishonest debt, profuse waste, and bad example in an utter oblivion of responsibility'.(4) They could see nothing but the state of barbarity that pertained before the truths of God were revealed.(5) Cannibalism was regarded as a sign of barbarity , the marker of an uncivilised people.(6) Without the culture of the Public Service, there will only be barbarity in this place.(7) They found the idea of female rulers outrageous but at the same time exciting and may have been seeking to emphasise the barbarity of the Britons by stressing female involvement in politics and warfare.(8) These women's voices were often mediated by male authorities who shaped their stories in ways that supported colonial endeavours and reinforced an opposition between ideas of pure female virtue and native barbarity .(9) Many other English authors were inclined towards contrasting the barbarity of the Scots, Irish, and Welsh with the civility and polish of the English.(10) Moreover, they are characters who have absorbed the English-speaking colonialist attribution of barbarity to the Irish language and are now steeped in a culture of patient acceptance over assertive action.(11) beyond the Empire lay barbarity(12) The use of visual illustrations is ostensibly intended to show that the very appearance of the Irish betrays their barbarity .(13) Culturally, Constance Garnett helped to dispel the image of barbarity with her translations of Tolstoy and other leading Russian writers.(14) They believe there is a war between right and wrong, faith and falsehood, civilisation and barbarity and that all tactics are justified in the last-ditch struggle to defend what they believe in.(15) Some contemporaries would have seen the confrontation of the two cultures as an out and out battle, in the case of the improvers a struggle between the forces of civilization and enlightenment, and those of barbarity and heathenism.(16) the barbarity displayed by the terrorists
1. brutality ::
3. savagery ::
1. compassion ::
2. humanity ::
3. sympathy ::
Different Forms
barbarities, barbarity
English to Urdu Dictionary: barbarity

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