English to Urdu Meaning :: collateral

هم پہلو
Collateral :
خودکش حملہ
- خودکش حملہcollateralizecollaterally

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Noun(1) a security pledged for the repayment of a loan
Adjective(1) descended from a common ancestor but through different lines(2) serving to support or corroborate(3) additional but secondary; auxiliary;(4) situated or running side by side(5) occurring with or following as a consequence

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(1) To ensure the proper result with little or no unintended collateral effects, we need greater precision with speed.(2) Legally defensible property rights are essential to the process of capital creation, in that property can be used as collateral on loans to grow a small business.(3) When such techniques are adhered to, the risk of trauma to the radial artery and subsequent thrombosis is reduced even when collateral circulation in the hand is reduced.(4) Inert squash head ammunition would also be useful for punching holes in walls with minimal collateral damage.(5) He had pledged his shares as collateral for some $100 million in personal loans from three commercial banks.(6) On physical examination, the patient with medial collateral ligament injury has point tenderness at the medial joint line.(7) Unlike middle-class homeowners, poor people usually don't have assets to put up as collateral for loans.(8) A major consequence of this was the drastic reduction of the casato's collateral lines (and, in the long run, the demographic decline of the aristocracy).(9) Finally, munitions must be able to destroy the target without causing undue collateral damage.(10) Bonds that pledge no collateral are called debentures.(11) Support is legally prescribed and required along descent, ascent, and collateral lines.(12) The bursa is located distal to the joint line in close proximity and posterior to the medial collateral ligament.(13) Technology has legitimized precision warfare and criminalized collateral death and destruction resulting from the use of lethal force.(14) Lateral collateral ligament injuries result from a medial-to-lateral force on the knee, while medial collateral ligament injuries result from a force in the opposite direction.(15) The dorsal artery of the index finger may similarly, though more rarely, supply one or both of the collateral arteries of the adjacent sides of the thumb and index finger.(16) When you sell the property, be sure to have the buyer pledge the property as collateral by signing a Deed of Trust.
Related Words
(1) marketing collateral ::
مارکیٹنگ کولیٹرل
1. confirmatory ::
3. confirmative ::
8. verificatory ::
10. security ::
11. surety ::
12. guarantee ::
13. guaranty ::
14. insurance ::
15. indemnity ::
16. indemnification ::
17. backing ::
Different Forms
collateral, collateralize, collaterally
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