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عبارت میں ٹهہرنے کا نشان
Comma :
- کوماکوما

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Noun(1) a punctuation mark (,(2) anglewing butterfly with a comma-shaped mark on the underside of each hind wing

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(1) For one thing, the author has a nasty habit of separating sentences with a comma , when a semi-colon would be far more appropriate.(2) The source of the comma , is the difference between a human singing voice, and an inanimate object: a monochord.(3) No theorist even from the ancient world ever considered an interval as small as a comma (of any kind) to be melodic.(4) In the simple folk song shown here, a comma to the right of a pattern of notes signifies that a mini-closure should be expressed.(5) You don't need to know the 17 reasons to insert a comma into a sentence.(6) Today the comma is a familiar sight in southern England and Wales.(7) Pitches are specified by the letters A-G and a-g, optionally followed by an apostrophe or a comma .(8) In the realm of punctuation, a comma is used for a brief pause, a semicolon for a more moderate pause, and a period as a full stop.(9) Trees have been coming into leaf sooner, migrant birds are arriving earlier, frog spawn is being spotted before Christmas, while comma and holly blue butterflies have been sighted as early as March.(10) As it is separated from the other words in the list by a comma on either side, it is identified as a separate deduction from the selling prices of the inventory items.(11) I don't agree with the comma - read that sentence with the suggested pause and see if you still want it there.(12) If the marked semi-colon does not join two groups of words that would make sense as separate sentences, replace the semicolon with a comma .(13) He often used commas to end a sentence, he rarely capitalized proper nouns.(14) The comma butterfly is now regularly seen much further north than previously.(15) You should not end your sentence before you have a subject and verb appropriately placed, nor jam all your sentences together with commas .(16) His personal philosophy of punctuation is, ideally, to avoid all punctuation marks except commas and full stops.
Related Words
(1) inverted comma ::
الٹی کوما
1. comma ::
3. shortening ::
4. reduction ::
5. cutting ::
6. curtailment ::
7. pause ::
8. punctuation mark ::
اوقاف نشان
Different Forms
comma, commas
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