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Curtain :
- پردےcurtainedپردہپردے

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Noun(1) hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window(2) any barrier to communication or vision
Verb(1) provide with drapery

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(1) As the curtain rose on the stage, Evan's brain actually functioned the way he had wanted it to for so long.(2) The magician invites the heckler up on stage, positions him directly in front of the curtain , and begins ÔÇÿhypnotisingÔÇÖ him.(3) Right from the curtain going up on the opening number, it is clear that Tommy the musical is here to rock Bradford.(4) A massive red curtain hung over the stage and Anna could hear the orchestra playing down below.(5) At last, the curtain is raised, and Jackson takes center stage and immediately owns the crowd.(6) With that, Sheena left the screen and the curtain was pulled back.(7) ÔÇÿYes,ÔÇÖ the girl mumbled back as her copper hair fell forward to curtain her face.(8) through the curtain of falling snow, she could just make out gravestones(9) That night, because Jocelyn's character didn't appear until the third scene, she stood on the side of the stage behind the curtain and peeked out quickly.(10) He was really desperately, desperately nervous and of course, he went on stage and the curtain went up and a ÔÇÿstar was bornÔÇÖ can I say.(11) he wants to see you directly the curtain comes down(12) Perry sighed and started to walk behind the stage, where the curtain was closed and he was hid from view.(13) Amanda, meanwhile, has only a few days to go before the curtain rises on her stage ÔÇÿcomebackÔÇÖ.(14) Often the photographs are shot in bedrooms, next to a window with a curtain blowing from it, conveying the isolation of adolescence and the yearning for what lies beyond.(15) The curtain raises on the opening scene with the cast gathered front of stage to a backdrop of trees, a small camp fire Flickering to one side.(16) This political party will take center stage when the curtain rises on their convention one week from today in Boston.
Related Words
(1) shower curtain ::
شاور پردے
1. drape ::
2. drapery ::
3. window treatment ::
ونڈو علاج
4. window hanging ::
ونڈو پھانسی
5. screen ::
7. shade ::
8. valance ::
Valance کی
9. cafe curtain ::
کیفے پردے
10. conceal ::
11. hide ::
12. screen ::
13. shield ::
14. separate ::
15. isolate ::
الگ تھلگ
1. birth ::
2. nativity ::
Nativity کے
Different Forms
curtain, curtained, curtaining, curtains
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