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Demo :
- ڈیمو

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Noun(1) a visual presentation showing how something works
Verb(1) give an exhibition of to an interested audience

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(1) if you want to demo the app first, a free download is also available for you to test out(2) a peace demo(3) if you want to demo the app first, a free download is also available for you to test out(4) we recorded a three-song demo(5) The band soon realized that their CD was selling better than they had expected, since it was originally only intended to be a fancier version of a demo tape.(6) there is a demo to try before you buy(7) After we finish this tour, we are going to demo some tracks for that next album.(8) Apple is expected to demo the newest version of its mobile operating system at the conference next week(9) So, if the price and features of the program attract you, by all means download the demo from the web site and try before you buy.(10) there is a demo to try before you buy(11) I'd recommend downloading the demo first to see if you like the title.(12) You can play against the computer in a demo version of it online here, but the real fun is playing live against other people.(13) This session allows you to bring a demo tape and have your song evaluated by a panel of music-industry pros, or just come and listen to what the experts have to say.(14) we recorded a three-song demo(15) He received a demo disk from the bank advertising their latest software.(16) This enables sales reps to demo products in cafes or busy execs to catch up with email during lulls in conference room meetings, for example.
Related Words
(1) demo tape ::
ڈیمو ٹیپ
1. demonstration ::
2. exhibit ::
3. demonstrate ::
4. show ::
5. present ::
English to Urdu Dictionary: demo

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