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Emulate :
- تقلیدنقالینقالیمتاثر

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Verb(1) strive to equal or match, especially by imitating(2) imitate the function of (another system(3) compete with successfully; approach or reach equality with

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(1) With them will be countless other skiers who want to emulate their feat.(2) They will do very well if they emulate the success of their legendary father.(3) Do you have any comment for the critics who claim you're just trying to emulate Jackson's startling success?(4) So the new online courses take the best of what we know works in a classroom, and tries to emulate that or simulate that in the online environment.(5) lesser men trying to emulate his greatness(6) Among the many factors which have driven him, one has been his wish to emulate his grandfather.(7) He is hoping to emulate his achievement of last season by staying in the team for the rest of the campaign.(8) He wanted to emulate the beaux arts style of Paris of that era.(9) At this stage, though, Murray is motivated not by money, just a desire to emulate Tim Henman's notable achievements.(10) If he can emulate this achievement, the fans will soon forget their qualms over his aggressive takeover.(11) He decided to emulate Dave and write some of his own material.(12) hers is not a hairstyle I wish to emulate(13) "Don't emulate what the Americans are doing, " he prescribes.(14) It's a poor man's way to emulate a mainframe running Linux instances.(15) Arthur has often spoken of his pride at following in the footsteps of the great fighter, and now hopes to emulate his achievement in winning a world title.(16) most rulers wished to emulate Alexander the Great
Related Words
(1) emulate ::
1. imitate ::
2. copy ::
3. mirror ::
4. echo ::
5. follow ::
6. model oneself on ::
خود پر ماڈل
7. match ::
8. equal ::
9. parallel ::
10. be on a par with ::
کے ساتھ ایک برابر ہو
12. come close to ::
کے قریب آنے
13. compete with ::
کے ساتھ مقابلہ
14. contend with ::
سے جھگڑا کریں
15. rival ::
16. surpass ::
Different Forms
emulate, emulated, emulates, emulating
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