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Goad :
- انکشgoaded تھاgoadinggoads

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Noun(1) a pointed instrument that is used to prod into a state of motion(2) a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something
Verb(1) give heart or courage to(2) urge with or as if with a goad(3) stab or urge on as if with a pointed stick(4) annoy or provoke, as by constant criticism

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(1) for him the visit was a goad to renewed effort(2) he was trying to goad her into a fight(3) The mahout directs the elephant using his voice, hands, feet or a goad .(4) But if the writer is attempting to goad me into an abusive response, again, why?(5) At one stage I thought she was deliberately trying to goad him into walking out - but somehow it didn't seem like it was enough.(6) After a certain point, I'd give up, at which point Ed would goad me into another confrontation where he would do the same thing.(7) Nagasena asks whether then the chariot is the pole, the axle, the wheels, the reins and the goad all together.(8) Below him stands the image of Salim Kumar, the mahout, with his trademark grin and the elephant goad .(9) Of course in too many cases, if the insurgents bait us and goad us into leveling buildings and homes, the people inside will then hate us (even if they did not before) and we have created more recruits for the guerillas.(10) Of course, she probably only called me to try and goad me into reading her comment and replying (thus completing the cycle and fulfilling the prophecy).(11) Ankusha, the goad held in Lord Ganesha's right hand is used to remove obstacles from dharma's path.(12) Someone who rubs you the wrong way, who gets on your every nerve, who always seems to be trying to goad you into acts of violence and mayhem?(13) Suffering is not a punishment for wrongdoing, but a goad to rectification.(14) Still, I haven't found a mobile phone tiny enough to goad me into switching.(15) He insulted me and repeatedly pushed my shoulder, hoping to goad me into hitting him.(16) Eros is the age-old goad and rarely the sex act itself.
Related Words
(1) goad on ::
پر انکش
1. prod ::
prod کے
2. stimulus ::
4. provoke ::
5. spur ::
سستی ہوجائیں گی
6. prick ::
7. needle ::
1. disincentive ::
حوصلہ شکنی
Different Forms
goad, goaded, goading, goads
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