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Gullible :
- بولا

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(1) Apparently, to this day, a gullible section of society believes in the existence of these British rockers.(2) That is cynical, and I say to the Government that the public is not that gullible .(3) The public should not be passive and gullible on this matter but come out in support of the law.(4) Are they seriously suggesting the Scottish public are totally gullible and can be so easily hoodwinked?(5) I know a few people who are new age suckers, whom I consider gullible fools because they believe anything they are told.(6) There are those that believe that people who visit mediums are all gullible or plainly mistaken in their memories.(7) He'd have to endure endless litanies about how naive and gullible he was to sign up for this trip.(8) Sell both paintings to gullible collectors, while the art world looks the other way.(9) To have accomplished such a thing he didn't have to merely fool a gullible public.(10) Such a defence is offered only to hoodwink the gullible , illiterate and ignorant millions.(11) None the less, it is gullible to believe that Italians are invulnerable.(12) Then it tried to buy its way out of it with a PR campaign, and we were foolish and gullible enough to accept that.(13) Both efforts seem like cunning attempts to fob off used goods on a gullible reading public.(14) After all, there are so many gullible people who believe whatever they read!(15) And for every hoaxer there are a thousand gullible people willing to believe.(16) But there is no evidence which shows that juries are gullible fools, easily led by a passing headline.
Related Words
(1) gullible ::
1. credulous ::
ضعیف الاعتقاد
2. naive ::
8. dupable ::
9. impressionable ::
10. unsuspecting ::
پہلے سے نہ سوچا
11. unsuspicious ::
12. unwary ::
13. ingenuous ::
میں Ingenuous
14. innocent ::
16. unworldly ::
17. green ::
18. wet behind the ears ::
کانوں کے پیچھے گیلے
19. born yesterday ::
پیدا ہوا کل
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What gullible means in Urdu, gullible meaning in Urdu, gullible definition, examples and pronunciation of gullible in Urdu language.

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