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کام, نوکری
Job :
- ملازمتبے روزگارروزگار کے مواقع

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Noun(1) the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money(2) a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee(3) a workplace; as in the expression `on the job'(4) an object worked on; a result produced by working(5) the responsibility to do something(6) the performance of a piece of work(7) a damaging piece of work(8) a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved(9) a Jewish hero in the Old Testament who maintained his faith in God in spite of afflictions that tested him(10) any long-suffering person who withstands affliction without despairing(11) (computer science(12) a book in the Old Testament containing Job's pleas to God about his afflictions and God's reply(13) a crime (especially a robbery
Verb(1) profit privately from public office and official business(2) arranged for contracted work to be done by others(3) work occasionally(4) invest at a risk

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(1) You finished your paint job but you have some paint left over.(2) A great wax job and properly fitted skis are a tremendous help when you want good grip.(3) it's a full-time job(4) Look, nothing makes a man's job easier than when you boldly suggest a date.(5) she's looking for a permanent job(6) the car was a blue malevolent-looking job(7) All the stimulation and conversations made transitioning back to work at my day job quite difficult.(8) he has the job of raising the children(9) If that's what the local conditions are like then we've got a real job on our hands.(10) immediately job a penknife into the throat(11) Part of the mystery comes from the fact that the job description is changing.(12) someone had done a skillful paint job(13) they have a real job on their hands(14) She has an excellent, high-paying job and even owns her own house.(15) there are few job opportunities(16) The council has a duty to do its job and provide adequate services for the community.
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ذمہ داری
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ایوب کی کتاب
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قیاس آرائی
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باہر فارم
Different Forms
job, jobless, jobs
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