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Parry :
- نجاتparriesparrying

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Noun(1) (fencing(2) a return punch (especially by a boxer
Verb(1) impede the movement of (an opponent or a ball(2) avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues

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(1) If your timing is on the money, Nina will actually parry his attack, leaving him wide open for a countermove.(2) A quick parry of the blow, and Tanaka returned the favor with a right hook.(3) Show your opponent an opening then pull back to parry his counter attack.(4) the swords clashed in a parry(5) This particular rant had been initiated by Nicholas' ill-advised attempt to employ a parry to block the simplistic head-thrust from the robot.(6) her question met with a polite parry(7) As my editorial staff can vouch, there was hardly a day during the race for governor of California when I was not required to parry questions from the media, American and otherwise.(8) You can parry most incoming attacks with a well-timed sword strike, but in my mind, that's no substitute for being able to go completely defensive.(9) I grabbed a fallen tree branch and used it to parry his attacks.(10) But the smart girl behind the model was ready to parry all questions.(11) I shouted, holding my sword as if I were ready to parry any attack.(12) Cecil was fighting for his life now, his body screamed with each parry , each step and each blow.(13) Another parry , a block, a feint and Luther rolled out of harm's way.(14) With only one arm operational, Jay was doing all he could to parry Anthony's attacks.(15) Yelping in pain he tried to parry her attacks, but the onslaught came so fast he stumbled, hitting the ground hard.(16) When the arms and ammunitions ran out, the volunteers used blank weapons to parry the attacks.
Related Words
1. counter ::
2. ward off ::
بند وارڈ
3. evade ::
بچ نکلنے
4. deflect ::
5. skirt ::
Different Forms
parries, parry, parrying
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