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Surly :
- اسبی

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Adjective(1) inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace

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(1) Vending machines make it easy to avoid surly service at mom-and-pop convenience stores.(2) While normally I love a good storm, I couldn't have been more surly last night.(3) The day-time guard at the entrance to our village is the most grumpy and surly man.(4) Marjorie Campbell plays a sour and surly chambermaid that scores laughs galore.(5) Then they came to confiscate the film but balked because the soundman looked huge and surly .(6) You are foul, surly , nasty, unhelpful, unpleasant and clearly you have a lot of issues.(7) My failure to appear on that specific date seemed to fluster the rather surly man who had to search for the card.(8) He can be petulant, and there have been surly exchanges with fans.(9) A surly teenage chick with a sidekick boyfriend stopped me and started babbling.(10) After a while a sunny day strikes you as slightly idiotic, and you need a nice surly day to keep you balanced.(11) When I first got him, he was a surly little puppy who could stand in my two hands.(12) Some that have met him have found him temperamental and surly .(13) He walks around being very surly and is very much a figure of hate.(14) Possibly affected by the adulation, he became more surly and confused.(15) Instead of the often surly and obsessed golfer with a dodgy sense of humour a more humble and accessible golfer came to light.(16) Customer service on this flight was indifferent rather than the usual surly .
1. sullen ::
2. sulky ::
3. moody ::
4. sour ::
5. unfriendly ::
غیر دوستانہ
6. unpleasant ::
8. unsmiling ::
9. bad-tempered ::
برا غصہ
10. grumpy ::
11. crotchety ::
12. prickly ::
13. cantankerous ::
14. irascible ::
15. testy ::
ٹیسٹ کھیلنے
16. short-tempered ::
مختصر غصہ
17. abrupt ::
18. brusque ::
19. curt ::
20. gruff ::
21. churlish ::
22. ill-humored ::
23. crabby ::
24. cranky ::
25. uncivil ::
26. grouchy ::
1. amiable ::
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