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Demur :
- اعتراضdemurerdemurestdemurs

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Noun(1) (law
Verb(1) take exception to(2) enter a demurrer

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(1) Indeed, although this is not before the Court, I am sure my learned friend would not demur at my reading it - we have copies for the Court.(2) It can be dealt with in the ordinary way and if the Judge who hears the matter thinks there is anything in it, well, it will proceed to trial or maybe the Commonwealth will demur or you will demur , as the case may be.(3) they accepted this ruling without demur(4) Workers and unions are enjoined to accept wage cuts without too much demur , provided they are satisfied jobs would be saved.(5) Those of us who demur are labelled ÔÇÿself-hatersÔÇÖ.(6) I would not demur at all from what your Honour says.(7) You can plead by way of reply and demur , can you not?(8) Prudie has long felt that the reflexive, polite demur is not necessary when people are impertinently out of line, either with their advice or their questions.(9) Much, and much of the best, criticism in the past decade has been thus motivated; we now know a poet less quaint, less demur , and more politically engaged than previous generations might have imagined.(10) Yet Stevenson demurs mildly, and says diplomatically: ÔÇÿI think actors often improvise in character in a scripted film, so it's not that unusual.ÔÇÖ(11) She's not unmoved, but demurs because she doesn't want to complicate their arrangement.(12) Greenspan agreed with his diagnosis, but demurred .(13) ÔÇÿNot because I'm the best, but because I'm the fastest,ÔÇÖ he demurs in his New York-via-Edinburgh accent.(14) ÔÇÿI'm not a very good close reader of my own work,ÔÇÖ she demurs when asked to explain the meaning of an incident near the end of The Namesake.(15) Yet every time he's asked about his influence, English demurs , deflects all credit onto the team, the players.(16) Keyes agrees the anthology ÔÇÿis very revealingÔÇÖ, but demurs from the notion her writing is closely tied to her experience.
Related Words
1. objection ::
2. protest ::
3. protestation ::
4. complaint ::
شکایت درج
5. dispute ::
6. dissent ::
اختلاف رائے
7. opposition ::
8. resistance ::
9. reservation ::
10. hesitation ::
11. reluctance ::
12. disinclination ::
16. second thoughts ::
دوسرے خیالات
17. a murmur ::
ایک گنگناہٹ
18. a word ::
ایک لفظ
19. object ::
20. take exception ::
رعایت لے
21. take issue ::
مسئلہ لے
22. protest ::
23. cavil ::
24. dissent ::
اختلاف رائے
25. voice reservations ::
آواز تحفظات
26. be unwilling ::
تیار نہیں ہو
27. be reluctant ::
گریزاں ہو
28. balk ::
29. think twice ::
دو بار سوچو
30. drag one's heels ::
کسی کے ہیلس ھیںچیں
31. refuse ::
32. boggle ::
33. kick up a fuss ::
ایک اپددر کو لات مار
Different Forms
demur, demurer, demurest, demurs
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