English to Urdu Meaning :: fluctuate

گهٹنا بڑهنا
Fluctuate :
اتار چڑھاو
- اتار چڑھاواتار چڑھاؤfluctuates کےمستحکم

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Verb(1) cause to fluctuate or move in a wavelike pattern(2) move or sway in a rising and falling or wavelike pattern(3) be unstable

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(1) Volume levels fluctuate wildly, leading to constant struggles with the remote.(2) trade with other countries tends to fluctuate from year to year(3) They stare into an infinite chasm that opens up in the face of using a limited amount of notes that fluctuate from serene moments to bawling noise storms.(4) Bond funds also pay income, usually on a monthly basis, but the amount you receive can fluctuate .(5) Symptoms seem to vary from year to year, and crop levels fluctuate .(6) The original volume levels fluctuate , particularly when the single takes are employed.(7) Avoid alcohol because it can cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate and induces irritability.(8) It also shows a person's ability to govern and fluctuate between rising and falling.(9) This system stabilizes our market more than the US market and fluctuations have not been as great.(10) Supply and demand regulate nothing but the temporary fluctuations of market prices.(11) Union membership has fluctuated as different industries rise and decline, governments and generations change.(12) The amount owed each month fluctuated with holidays, missed lessons and book expenses.(13) Thoreau discovered that the level of the pond fluctuates by about five feet over a period of 25 years.(14) However, experts confirmed that levels of this protein fluctuated naturally.(15) Mood gently fluctuates as the light levels change, complemented by the rhythm of the mist continually settling and rising.(16) How many cents constitute a dollar is no more subject to daily fluctuation and uncertainty than inches in terms of yards.
Related Words
(1) fluctuate ::
اتار چڑھاو
1. vary ::
مختلف ہوتی ہیں
2. change ::
3. differ ::
4. shift ::
5. alter ::
6. waver ::
7. swing ::
8. oscillate ::
9. alternate ::
10. rise and fall ::
عروج و زوال
11. go up and down ::
اوپر اور نیچے جانے
12. seesaw ::
کے Seesaw
13. yo-yo ::
یو یو
14. be unstable ::
غیر مستحکم ہونا
1. plateau ::
Different Forms
fluctuate, fluctuated, fluctuates, fluctuating
English to Urdu Dictionary: fluctuate

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