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Category :
- قسماقسامدرجہ بندیاس نیم زمرےذیلی زمرہ

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Noun(1) a collection of things sharing a common attribute(2) a general concept that marks divisions or coordinations in a conceptual scheme

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(1) Plus, a category five hurricane is bearing down on the Gulf Coast of the United States.(2) They have won the competition once and frequently finished in the top five in the residential category .(3) Analysis continued until no new major information on the characteristics of the category was forthcoming.(4) It turns out that a large proportion of the abilities fall under the category of emotional intelligence.(5) So, for example, the category of substance is interpreted in terms of permanence.(6) In outlining the category of substance, we have already referred to examples of the second category listed, quality.(7) The political significance of categorial identity is clear in part because we are used to thinking of politics by reference to identity categories anyway.(8) The most widely used algorithms can be grouped into five main categories , as shown in Table 1.(9) After reviewing scores of nominations, our panel of judges selected two finalists in each of five categories .(10) There were five categories in the competition, which was open to both mainstream and special schools.(11) Honours are up for grabs in five categories - including a Top Tutor award.(12) Only criminals who belong to any of these five categories will have the chance to be punished by community correction.(13) Kant's categories apply only to the objects of possible experience, and these are appearances.(14) The two main categories of positive incentives are price guarantees and mileage bonuses.(15) For purposes of classification they could be divided into five broad categories .(16) Kant believed that he had arrived at his list of categories by a process of abstraction.
Related Words
(1) main category ::
اہم زمرے
1. class ::
2. classification ::
درجہ بندی
3. group ::
4. grouping ::
گروہ بندی
5. bracket ::
6. heading ::
7. set ::
8. type ::
9. sort ::
10. kind ::
11. variety ::
12. species ::
13. breed ::
14. brand ::
15. make ::
16. model ::
17. grade ::
18. order ::
کے حکم
19. rank ::
20. pigeonhole ::
pigeonhole کا
Different Forms
categories, categorization, categorizations, category, subcategories, subcategory
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