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Noun(1) an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner(2) any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious(3) musical activity (singing or whistling etc.(4) (music, or reproductions of such sounds(5) punishment for one's actions

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(1) baroque music(2) music festival(3) Tony learned to read music(4) The teachers knew that combining music and art would be very enticing to these students.(5) His voice is strong and steady and captures all the emotion laced in his music .(6) It will have designated classrooms for science, art and music and specially-equipped toilets.(7) The choir will be performing a range of different musical styles from show tunes and pop songs to church music .(8) the music was open on a stand(9) Auditions are quick and painless and an ability to read music is not essential.(10) couples were dancing to the music(11) After losing his mother to cancer, he took to music to vent his emotions.(12) Of course, many of the technicians knew perfectly well how to read music but they could not admit it.(13) What you do get, however, is a sequence of eleven pieces of music of astonishing variety.(14) I never thought I would perform professionally and I went to university to study music .(15) It also enables local societies to borrow extensive collections of music scores for performances.(16) He could always churn out a couple of pieces on a piano even without his music .
Related Words
1. melody ::
2. euphony ::
3. medicine ::
Different Forms
music, musics
English to Urdu Dictionary: music

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What music means in Urdu, music meaning in Urdu, music definition, examples and pronunciation of music in Urdu language.

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