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1. nail (کیل) :: she was stretched to the limit and failed to nail the smash
2. naked (ننگے) :: A naked womans body lay in the middle of the floor
3. name (نام) :: From the root word Hri meaning imperishable comes Hiranya the ancient name for gold
4. narrow (تنگ) :: But both have such a narrow and pessimistic view of human potential that they believe rigorous selection will identify the few who might prove useful to the economic system
5. nation (قوم) :: The concept of nationhood is I think inherently bound up with the concept of national defense
6. national (قومی) :: theyre a national organisation
7. natural (قدرتی) :: He had had her legitimised as his natural daughter
8. naturally (قدرتی طور پر) :: Theyve been doing it so long it just comes naturally to them
9. nature (نوعیت) :: I think we need to be careful when we start talking about whether its nature or nurture
10. navy (بحریہ) :: In its more than 300year history the Russian navy has given rise to many glorious professional traditions
11. near (قریب) :: We had a home made wooden sledge and we took the crates and put it on the sledge and took them round to the houses near where we lived
12. nearby (نزدیکی) :: For example hes walking and hears a rustling in a nearby bush
13. nearly (تقریبا) :: The attempt nearly succeeded as he was close to being able to get his head through the hole
14. neat (صاف) :: Simple and neat choreography seemed to be Sushmitas motto for the jatis and the dancers executed her vision with clarity
15. necessarily (ضروری نہیں) :: Even keeping your pet in the garden isnt going to necessarily prevent an accident
16. necessary (ضروری) :: Procedural safeguards are also necessary to ensure that the powers are used properly
17. neck (گردن) :: You need best end of neck lamb chops but dont overtrim them leave a little fat on for flavour
18. need (ضرورت) :: Shes been a tower of strength to me in my hour of need and is a true friend
19. needle (سوئی) :: To give the epidural anaesthetic the anaesthetist passes a hollow needle into a small space just below the spinal cord
20. negative (منفی) :: I would therefore answer the first question posed in the negative

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