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1. qualification (قابلیت) :: If we bag todays match well at least collect full points although qualification to the next round wont happen
2. qualified (تعلیم یافتہ) :: Treatment must be left to qualified health care professionals
3. qualify (کوالیفائی) :: They had to mitigate them they had to qualify them
4. quality (معیار) :: These laws also provide the consumer with detailed information on the origin and quality of the product
5. quantity (مقدار) :: In this study the extent of reduction in seed production due to insufficient pollen quantity and quality were examined in a naturally pollinated M stellata population
6. quarter (سہ ماہی) :: A quarter of adults now hold college degrees compared with just 11 percent in 1970
7. queen (ملکہ) :: He immediately wrote a note to his wife the queen
8. question (سوال) :: Still ahead here is it a question of states rights or is it a violation of civil rights
9. quick (فوری) :: One word grow up quick or seek therapy as soon as possible
11. quiet (پرسکون) :: He got the job done in his own quiet unassuming understated way
12. quit (چھوڑ) :: I quit my ninetofive job and became a professional photographer
13. quite (کافی) :: I quite agree
14. quote (اقتباس) :: I think its abysmal and you can quote me on that Roberts said

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