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1. table (ٹیبل) :: The first column of the table indicates the signs of the zodiac
2. tablet (گولی) :: Many chest physicians advise patients who are taking steroids to swallow their tablets in the morning because morning dosing is thought to minimise adrenal suppression
3. tackle (ٹیکل) :: A reasonable head of smaller fish including Roach and Rudd offers the chance of good sport on light tackle
4. tail (پونچھ) :: He says he even lectured the FBI agents assigned to tail him telling them to go back to school and study computers or something with a real future because their job was no good
5. take (لے) :: lets take Napoleon for instance
6. talk (ٹاک) :: There are many wounded and witnesses have described seeing bodies although there has been no talk of fatalities yet
7. tall (قد) :: He saw a tall willow tree and decided to rest in its shade
8. tank (ٹینک) :: You can tell that the underwater shots are filmed behind a tank of aquarium fish plastic plants and all
9. tap (نل) :: When you turn on the tap unfiltered water flows through the faucet head at a fullpressure flow as with any conventional faucet
10. tape (ٹیپ) :: When we were first married I would tape them to the fridge door on scraps torn out of a spiral bound notebook
11. target (ہدف) :: In direct to consumer advertising drug companies target advertisements for prescription drugs directly at the public
12. task (کام) :: The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women was tasked with providing advice to States on the implementation of the Platform for Action
13. taste (ذائقہ) :: At the same time the commission shies away from the more complex issue of taste and decency as it relates to discussion of socially divisive issues such as race immigration and religion
14. tax (ٹیکس) :: fuel tax
15. taxi (ٹیکسی) :: But it was not until her husband Merrick a taxi driver returned from work around midnight that police were alerted
16. tea (چائے) :: Anyhoo I spent an actionpacked Monday in Brighton asleep on Lisas bed before meeting her from work and allowing her to cook my tea
17. teach (سکھانے) :: Consider the fact that teachers almost universally discount their wages in order to teach in private schools
18. teacher (استاد) :: You need to curl your fingers up more Arson replied sounding very professional and teacherly
19. teaching (پڑھانا) :: Christians relied on bishops to interpret Christian teachings and ensure correct belief
20. team (ٹیم) :: He jiggled the reigns and clucked at his team of midnightblack horses

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