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4. Maelstrom (بونڈر) :: A maelstrom of questions churned his mind and he had no answers
5. Magnanimous (ادار) :: Matildas inability to be magnanimous in victory had cost the country another 12 years of civil war
6. Magnate (ٹائیکون) :: Stephen was brought up at the court of his uncle Henry I becoming one of the wealthiest of the AngloNorman magnates
7. Maladroit (بددا) :: In the 1930s and in the 1960s all sorts of maladroit stodgy unions did quite well
8. Malady (بیماری) :: He aged with dignity despite kidney disease and other maladies
11. Malefactor (مجرم) :: I mean this is malefaction unimaginable violence against young women
12. Malevolent (دروہی) :: The 1996 World Cup was a marker of this new malevolent mood of the cricket fan
13. Malign (ضرر رساں) :: The American Empire emerges then not as a complex phenomenon with some good effects and some malign ones
14. Malinger (بیماری کا بہانا) :: Why are they malingering and eating up valuable Medicare tax dollars when they could so easily put us all out of their misery
16. Malleable (malleable ہونے) :: But the rather malleable populace here seems to be quite pleased at this governmental largesse
17. Mallet (mallet کے) :: Hes one of the greatest sportsmen that ever picked up a mallet or a cricket bat
19. Manipulative (جوڑ توڑ) :: Instead two distinct factors relating to manipulativeness seemed to emerge
20. Mannered (مہذب) :: It is very mannered very strange and very much an acquired taste

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