English to Urdu Meaning :: award

انعامعطا کرنا
Award :
- ایوارڈنوازاانعام دینےایوارڈز

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Noun(1) a grant made by a law court(2) a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction(3) something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery
Verb(1) give, especially as an honor or reward(2) give as judged due or on the basis of merit

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(1) It would be a just exercise of discretion to award them compensation for the sites acquired.(2) The bailout bill limits the amount of damages the victims can collect, by forbidding any award of punitive damages against the airlines.(3) But that was the substratum for the judge's award of damages.(4) Vote for your favourite in the comments below and we'll award them a special TSSH prize next week.(5) He proposed using the two available prizes to award them both.(6) Airport bosses have lobbied the Government to award Waterford a public service obligation contract so it could obtain more Government aid.(7) the company's annual award for high-quality service(8) He says that if he wins, all money from punitive damages and any award for breach of academic freedom will go into a trust fund for academic freedom.(9) I do not accept that the evidence in this case warrants continuing an award of compensatory support.(10) And, that if somebody gets injured and it is their own fault, even if they manage to convince a lawyer to act for them, the Court will not award them compensation.(11) A judge's award of general damages is not intrinsically better than a jury's.(12) an award ceremony(13) The court also set aside the tribunal's award of damages.(14) We are not told how this action is being funded, or who is to benefit and to what extent from any award of damages.(15) Members of the playing field association met last night to discuss which of three consultants to award the Ôö¼├║25,000 contract to carry out the feasibility study.(16) The amount of the scholarship award will be determined on the basis of available funds and the financial need of the participant.
Related Words
(1) award ceremony ::
ایوارڈ کی تقریب
1. prize ::
2. payment ::
ادائیگی کے
3. grant ::
6. give ::
7. grant ::
8. present ::
Different Forms
award, awarded, awarding, awards
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