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Bad :
- برابیڈنبری طرحبرائی

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Noun(1) that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency
Adjective(1) having undesirable or negative qualities(2) very intense, or bad(3) feeling physical discomfort or pain (`tough' is occasionally used colloquially for `bad'(4) (of foodstuffs(5) feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone(6) not capable of being collected, or uncollectible(7) below average in quality or performance(8) nonstandard(9) not financially safe or secure(10) physically unsound or diseased(11) capable of harming(12) characterized by wickedness or immorality(13) reproduced fraudulently(14) not working properly
Adverb(1) with great intensity (`bad' is a nonstandard variant for `badly'(2) very much; strongly

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(1) A bad reputation can only help demoralise employees and no greater flexibility of hours worked will overcome this.(2) I don't want to do anything today and if the weather's bad , I'll say what an awful day.(3) You can't get much sleep; and the kids are throwing up because the food is bad .(4) The water was a bit soapy and although she never got pregnant, she had some really bad aches and pains for weeks after that.(5) The death penalty for very bad people may plausibly be described as the latter category.(6) This doesn't mean that what we see will be bad or evil or any of those things that we may have been taught.(7) The general level of ignorance on what is good or bad behaviour is compounded by the idealisation of childhood.(8) the meat has gone bad(9) The air was still pretty bad , but the tunnel was larger and much less foreboding.(10) it was a bad idea(11) All share some of the ailments of old age, including poor memories, fading eyesight and bad hearing.(12) I felt so bad , so ashamed of the person I am today, so worthless, so empty, so useless.(13) No matter how bad I threw the ball, it was still going to knock down at least one pin.(14) He suffered money problems and was arrested for passing a bad cheque and other financial charges.(15) She knew she was bad der than these wannabe hoodlums.(16) Pain is your body's way of telling you to stop, and ignoring it will not only make you feel bad but probably injure you into the bargain.
Related Words
(1) not bad ::
برا نہیں ہے
1. substandard ::
غیر معیاری
2. harmful ::
نقصان دہ
3. wicked ::
4. badly behaved ::
برا سلوک
5. unpleasant ::
6. inauspicious ::
7. severe ::
8. rotten ::
سڑا ہوا
10. guilty ::
11. invalid ::
12. offensive ::
13. big ::
14. defective ::
عیب دار
15. forged ::
16. sorry ::
18. tough ::
19. unsound ::
20. speculative ::
21. badly ::
بری طرح
1. adequate ::
2. decent ::
3. fine ::
4. passable ::
گرہن کے قابل
5. respectable ::
قابل احترام
6. satisfactory ::
تسلی بخش
7. standard ::
8. tolerable ::
قابل برداشت
Different Forms
bad, baden, badly, badness
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