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Computer :
- کمپیوٹرcomputerateکمپیوٹرائزیشنکمپیوٹرائزکمپیوٹرز

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Noun(1) a machine for performing calculations automatically(2) an expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines

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(1) Such games hint at how best to program a quantum computer .(2) computer industry(3) Since then, the craft appears to have rebooted its own on-board computer more than 60 times.(4) The group built the largest quantum computer ever, capable of factoring the number 15.(5) Participants scan the barcodes of every product they buy using a hand-held computer at home.(6) there's something wrong with my computer(7) computer course(8) he's working on his computer(9) Perhaps the most compelling reason to buy a desktop computer is to get your choice of flat-panel displays.(10) computer skills(11) computer screen(12) The four-page tabloids, little more than newsletters, materialized mainly because the editor used his personal computer at home.(13) The missile was equipped with an autonomous inertial command structure and an on-board digital computer .(14) I'd like to be able to access email remotely from the new notebook computer .(15) computer room(16) Early in his career, he pushed for the Smithsonian to purchase its first mainframe computer .
Related Words
(1) computer science ::
کمپیوٹر سائنس
1. personal computer ::
پرسنل کمپیوٹر
2. reckoner ::
3. electronic computer ::
الیکٹرانک کمپیوٹر
Different Forms
computer, computerate, computerization, computerize, computerizes, computers
English to Urdu Dictionary: computer

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