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Gabble :
- بڑبڑاناgabbledgabblesgabbling

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Noun(1) rapid and indistinct speech
Verb(1) speak (about unimportant matters

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(1) Their gabble clouded my mind and it was difficult to concentrate on my work.(2) Their excited gabble came so fast I was swamped, unable to follow them.(3) Every single person in the auditorium broke into a confused gabble .(4) Instead, peddling excuses as earlier clerics quoted psalms, he goes on a gabble about her ÔÇÿdignityÔÇÖ - did the dead dog have a pedigree, do you think?(5) It was an absolute bullet-like, repetitive gabble .(6) Hens and roosters, showing off their gilded feathers, gabble under my window,(7) Otherwise what are you going to do with the magic, just treat it like a little parlour game for the rest of your life and gabble about it on the net afterwards?(8) English - stretched and pummelled by a tireless gabble of journos, admen, rappers, surfers, druggies, cops, criminals, geeks and gurus - carries on growing and dominating the global tongue.(9) It always frustrates me when Ministers come down to the House and gabble through a speech written by someone else when they introduce a bill, and clearly do not have the faintest notion what the bill is doing or what it is about.(10) Another personality was Harry Hemsley, who had a little boy who spoke in an unintelligible gabble , but was understood perfectly well by his elder sister.(11) If he's on the tube we can just mute the gabble and marvel at his wonderful face instead.(12) There was some tired bureaucratic gabble - ÔÇÿAn in-depth process that includes accountability will provide progress.ÔÇÖ(13) It doesn't turn anthropology or the story of human evolution on its head, a piece of science-correspondent gabble I think I heard during my goggle-eyed, gobsmacked, yelping look at yesterday evening's TV news.(14) I've learned his gabble is usually honey talk but occasionally it can be coercion.(15) she wasn't very good at the random gabble of teenagers(16) The cubs who knew me were effusive in their greetings, their claws catching at my clothing as they closed around me, a gabble of voices.
2. babbling ::
5. babble ::
6. chatter ::
8. jabber ::
9. babble ::
10. prattle ::
11. rattle ::
12. blabber ::
13. gibber ::
14. blab ::
15. drivel ::
بیہوشی میں بولنا
16. twitter ::
17. sputter ::
Different Forms
gabble, gabbled, gabbles, gabbling
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