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Snowbound :
- snowbound

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Adjective(1) confined or shut in by heavy snow

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(1) These little puff pastries are served on a white napkin with bowls of chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis for dipping, and they're as close as you'll get, in snowbound Manhattan, to a taste of the real thing.(2) Starfish is the first company to bring the smells of the Caribbean to us poor snowbound souls on the mainland.(3) I looked back out at the snowbound village in the distance, the rising sun throwing a glare from ice and snow and I tried to sort through his words.(4) Mainlanders wrongly think Tasmania is snowbound all year round.(5) Scattered along fertile valleys, between sands and snows, most Afghan people farm land which is seared by 40 Centigrade summers, and is snowbound by the long, cold winters.(6) Several of Kevin's fellow snowbound superintendents have snow removal duties, snowmobile businesses, snow grooming and cross-country ski trails to maintain.(7) I fingered the little figurine and remembered over years the snowbound village, the dreadful lunch guests, and the vicar's mild, foolish face.(8) There is an incredible scene, filmed at night, when the two are helped over snowbound mountains by Kurdish villagers.(9) He also has some infatuation with Tolkien, as might be guessed from the name, lives in California, and has a fondness for taunting snowbound Minnesotans with photos of blooming flowers.(10) A writer-caretaker who, snowbound in this sepulchral hell, eventually loses it, his descent into madness is displayed through the most perversely witty of character arcs.(11) This may sound fairly straightforward but, when I add that most of our work involves food, that we don't have mains electricity, and that we are snowbound for six months of the year, the insanity of it all may sink in.(12) We've got fresh, sparkly snow out here this morning and even though it's only a few inches, we're going to pretend it's a major blizzard and we're snowbound .(13) To fulfill this anticipation, you'll cross a number of differing terrains, including deserts, snowbound mountain passes and fetid swampland, gathering a number of companions along the way.(14) It seemed like two weeks; having flown back from snowbound Minnesota to semi-tropical California, it was as if I had switched planets instead of just states.(15) If you have to be snowbound , Cambridge, and especially the beautiful Charles Hotel, is a great place to be.(16) Students at six Eastern Cape schools failed to write yesterday's mock exams as they were snowbound the whole day yesterday.
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English to Urdu Dictionary: snowbound

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What snowbound means in Urdu, snowbound meaning in Urdu, snowbound definition, examples and pronunciation of snowbound in Urdu language.

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