English to Urdu Meaning :: consciousness

English to Urdu Meaning
شعور, معرفت, احساس, سمجھداری, زندگی, علم, حکمت, لرننگ, یہ جان کر, خیال, ضمیر, ذہن, جذبات, ابدان
احساس, خدشہ, فہم, شعور, percipience

consciousness    :شعور


Consciousnesses :: یا شعور


Related Words

1. stream of consciousness :: ہوش و حواس


1. cognizance :: سنجشتھان

2. knowingness ::

3. awareness :: بیداری

Different forms

consciousness, consciousnesses

English to Urdu Dictionary: consciousness
Meaning and definitions of consciousness, translation in Urdu language for consciousness with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of consciousness in Urdu and in English language.

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What consciousness means in Urdu, consciousness meaning in Urdu, consciousness definition, examples and pronunciation of consciousness in Urdu language.

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