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یقینی بنانے, تصدیق, یقین دلاتا ہوں, بیمہ, محفوظ بنانے, اس بات کا تعین, کی حفاظت, معاوضہ, ensconce

Insure    :بیمہ


Insure - بیمہ

Insured :: بیمہ

Insureds :: بیمہ

Insures :: insures ہے

Insuring :: انشورنس


Related Words

1. insure against :: کے خلاف بیمہ


1. provide insurance for :: کے لئے انشورنس فراہم کرتے ہیں

2. cover :: کا احاطہ

3. assure :: یقین دلاتا ہوں

Different forms

insure, insured, insureds, insures, insuring

English to Urdu Dictionary: insure
Meaning and definitions of insure, translation in Urdu language for insure with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of insure in Urdu and in English language.

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What insure means in Urdu, insure meaning in Urdu, insure definition, examples and pronunciation of insure in Urdu language.

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