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English to Urdu Dictionary: protégé
Meaning and definitions of protégé, translation in Urdu language for protégé with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of protégé in Urdu and in English language.

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What protégé means in Urdu, protégé meaning in Urdu, protégé definition, examples and pronunciation of protégé in Urdu language.

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Oblique - (ترچھا) :: He was expected to miss camp time with a strained oblique muscle which didnt help his chances of making the roster

Sibilant - (sibilant) :: At which point we notice how the sibilance in the closing lines seems to amplify the silence into which poetry and society have both fallen and adds a note of disgust to the speakers despair as well

Semantics - (semantics کے) :: We all try for the same goal in the end though we call it by different names and kill each other over the semantics

Stumble - (ٹھوکر) :: This change in balance caused her to stumble and erupt in a fit of giggles


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Accurate - (درست) :: accurate information

Accuse - (الزام لگاتے ہیں) :: The Minister claimed costs had soared by nearly 40 per cent but he was accused of changing accounting rules

Achieve - (حصول) :: Levine is at her best when she achieves precisely that amount of optical density

Achievement - (کامیابی) :: She is being put through her paces by mate Lorraine and says she will feel a sense of achievement in completing the 5km race

Acid - (ایسڈ) :: The bitterness and acid in his voice reassured me Peter was still in there but he was very very upset


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Diatribe - (تنقید) :: Luthers vitriolic diatribes against the Jews are part of the history that leads to Kristallnacht

Dichotomy - (وجود میں ائی) :: But such simple dichotomies incorrectly assume there are easy distinctions to be made between the virtual and the actual subject and object or human and machine

Didactic - (اپدیشک) :: In order not to sound too didactic or pedantic the lecturer added anecdotes and personal comments


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Drunken (شرابی) :: Even the poignantly romantic In the Still of the Night comes a little oddly at the end of a second act filled with allegations of drunken debauchery

Trephine (trephine) :: Old types of corneal prostheses required a full trephination of the cornea

Extrude (extrude کر) :: The female extrudes spawn which is unviable until the male comes along and fertilises it and so she hasnt given birth to any young

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Noun :: طرز عمل, اچار, رسم, پکائی, رسمی, مسالا, رویے, علاج, رویہ, معاملہ, ایکٹ, قیادت کریں, پرنودن, انتظامیہ, معروف, گورننس, استعمال کی شرائط, استعمال, ورزش, برتاؤ, کردار, نوعیت, اعداد و شمار, فطرت, جیونی, آچار, اپنی مرضی کے مطابق, قبضے, تجارت, وظیفہ, تقریب, کیریئر, رہنمائی, , کمانڈ, انتظام, رزق, تیاری, انداز, ثقافت
Verb :: ان کا نظم کریں, ہینڈل, طرز عمل, کام, قیادت کریں, رن, ڈرائیو, اقدام, پائلٹ, نقل و حمل, ڈال, ٹرانزٹ, بینڈی, پورا, پھانسی, تقسیم, کرنا, کھڑے, خود کے برتاؤ, بنیاد ڈالنا, , برتاؤ
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