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جھرمٹ, پولا
تاڑی, چھوٹے بنڈل, پیکٹ, پولا, arrack, جتھا, tuft کے, بیچ, بنڈل, Hough کی, سویوستا, قسم

Sheaf    :پولا


Sheaf - پولا


Related Words

1. sheaf-binder :: پولا-باندنے کی مشین


1. bundle :: بنڈل

2. bunch :: جتھا

3. stack :: اسٹیک

4. pile :: ڈھیر

5. heap :: ڈھیر

6. mass :: بڑے پیمانے پر


1. ace :: اککا

2. bit :: بٹ

3. dab :: DAB

4. dram :: DRAM

5. driblet :: driblet

6. glimmer :: کرن

7. hint :: اشارہ

8. lick :: چاٹ

9. little :: تھوڑا

10. mite :: چھوٹا سککا

11. nip :: چوٹکی

12. ounce :: ونس

13. pinch :: چوٹکی

14. pittance :: بچھاتا

15. scruple :: بے تامل

16. shade :: سایہ

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English to Urdu Dictionary: sheaf
Meaning and definitions of sheaf, translation in Urdu language for sheaf with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of sheaf in Urdu and in English language.

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What sheaf means in Urdu, sheaf meaning in Urdu, sheaf definition, examples and pronunciation of sheaf in Urdu language.

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