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دھچکا, اترنے, اعتکاف, الگ ہونا, ریٹائر, ہٹنا, رن
اترنے, ریٹائر

Recede    :اترنے


Recede - اترنے

Receded :: گھٹ

Recedes :: سطح کم ہونے

Receding :: چلی


Related Words

1. recede :: اترنے


1. retreat :: اعتکاف

2. disappear from view :: منظر سے غائب

3. diminish :: گھٹا

4. fall back :: واپس گر

5. pull back ::

Different forms

recede, receded, recedes, receding

English to Urdu Dictionary: recede
Meaning and definitions of recede, translation in Urdu language for recede with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of recede in Urdu and in English language.

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What recede means in Urdu, recede meaning in Urdu, recede definition, examples and pronunciation of recede in Urdu language.

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